About the Blog

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Soon after my daughter’s birth, I began to realize how quickly she was growing and changing. I started this blog as a means to encapsulate these fleeting moments through the medium I’ve always worked best with: the written word. Think of it as a narrative baby book of sorts.

What makes life around here so adventurous?

Well, as a new parent, there was a moment of madness when I realized much of what I’d read, and a fair amount of the well-intended advice I’d received, just didn’t work for us. Now I spend my days figuring out what does work.

[Cue the adventures.]


My goal? To raise a healthy, happy, compassionate and conscious child, and to document our journey here.

In addition to chronicling milestones and happenings in our home, The Excellent Adventures of Miss P will also explore the realm of natural parenting and dabble in the vegan lifestyle.


The many faces of Little Miss P.

If you’re interested in reading about my pregnancy, you can find the post here.

You can read Miss P’s birth story here.

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