Nursing Necklace Giveaway

Our Etsy shop, The Tiny Acorn By J Lee is very excited have teamed up with Here for you reviews to bring you an exciting giveaway!

Giveaway Square- Lagoon

Around three months of age, Miss P began getting distracted during nursing sessions. Every sound and sensation was new to her, and she’d often yank my hair, tug at my clothes, kick her legs, scratch her nails across whatever surface we were seated on, etc. I started making these necklaces to keep her busy little body occupied while nursing, and for us, they’ve become a dependable solution. Miss P also enjoys holding on to these necklaces while being worn in a sling.

Nursing necklaces stimulate the senses and allow little ones to expel energy without losing sight of the task at hand- nursing! They also provide a source of security and comfort for baby and an opportunity for mom to accessorize with an item made from safe and durable materials. (And don’t let the name fool you; these necklaces aren’t just for nursing mamas!)

Simply click the link below and follow the instructions for your chance to win a sweet and cozy handmade nursing necklace from The Tiny Acorn By J Lee in Lagoon.

CLICK HERE FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, Dear Readers!


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