A Maypole for Miss P

It’s May 1st, and this morning we celebrated Miss P’s first Beltane. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it involves much more history and lore than I currently care to dive into, but here’s a snippet of background: Beltane – which falls halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice – is an ancient pagan fertility festival that’s still observed by many today. It’s a time to celebrate life and the Earth’s abundance while acknowledging summer’s impending arrival.

Perhaps one of Beltane’s most widely known traditions is dancing around the Maypole (a tree or pole adorned with colorful ribbons). I must confess, there wasn’t much dancing around here, but there was some bouncing and clapping – one of Miss P’s newest tricks – and our celebration featured a miniature Maypole, which Tim helped us make last night.

In addition to the Maypole, I spent some time last night making daisy floral crowns- one for Miss P, and one for another tiny friend. Daisies represent simplicity, which is something I’ve been trying to align myself and our home with since Miss P’s arrival. It’s been a slow process, but, I must say, we’re making progress.

Beltane 3

Miss P’s counting down the days till summer in the dress her Grandma and Grandpa brought her back from their recent trip to Mexico.

Beltane 2

It’s so sweet to see her communing with nature; she just loves being outside.

Beltane 1

Of course while many are welcoming the summer after a long harsh winter, in South Florida, we’re enjoying our last days of temperate weather before the heat and humidity take over. We certainly live in a different world.

Wishing you all a bountiful summer!

Beltane 7


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